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  • Heron Stare $49.00$249.00

    Heron Stare


    Acrylic on driftwood
    Herons are just really amazing birds and this profile painting was a perfect fit for this old board I found floating at the docks.

  • Jellies $79.00$429.00



    Acrylic on Cedar Planks
    In this painting, I wanted to capture the vibrant colors and glow that many jellyfish have especially at night in the dark water.

  • Seahorse $79.00$429.00



    Acrylic on cedar wood planks
    Over the years I have had so many requests to paint a seahorse and this is what I came up with. I chose a rainbow seahorse because of its vibrant colors. I always challenge myself to capture the vast color schemes of the sea life I paint.

  • Sneaky Snook $49.00$249.00

    Sneaky Snook


    Acrylic on wood panel
    This guy is actually a cropped portion of the “boat Dock” painting. I had to put a snook in the scene because who doesn’t get excited walking out to the dock and seeing a fat snook hiding under it?

  • Tentacles $79.00$429.00



    Acrylic on wood panel
    This is one of my older painting but also one of my favorites. This painting was inspired by an octopus my brother and I caught when we were kids off of Elliot Key. Ever since that day I have been amazed at the ability octopus have to change color in a split second to match their surroundings.

  • Turtle Wave $59.00$479.00

    Turtle Wave


    Acrylic on composite plank
    This was a commissioned piece of a green sea turtle gliding effortlessly through a wave.

  • Turtle Wood $79.00$429.00

    Turtle Wood


    Acrylic on drift wood
    This painting has nothing but good vibes. By far one of my best selling prints. I took a very long break from painting before I painted this guy. I sat down one evening and painted this sea turtle in one sitting and I have not taken a break from painting since. I miss this original but it makes me happy to know he has a good home and he keeps spreading good vibes.

  • Water World $79.00$429.00

    Water World


    Acrylic on wood panel
    I painted Water World to represent the underwater world off the south Florida coast, from palagics to the coral reef. This painting was designed for a signal box wrap project in Dania Beach, FL. When the painting is wrapped around a box the right sidelines up perfectly to the left side. The horizon, wave line, and coral heads all line up perfectly to create a continuous 360-degree image.