Predator 11x24 900x900
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Acrylic on drift wood
This is the one original painting that I’m keeping for myself. It is painted on a piece of a transom I pulled of an old boat I found buried in a sand dune in North Carolina. I used to drive up and down the beach in NC after a good storm blew through. As the storms would wash away the dunes I would find all kinds of wood and stuff to paint on. I held on to this particular board for years before I painted this great white shark on it. It has become my link to those memories growing up on the OBX.


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I use rough cut cedar wood planks for printing for several reasons. First of all cedar is one of best woods to use for outdoor durability. It is also a lighter wood which makes it easier to hang. For indoor usage cedar gives of a pleasing aroma and the rough-cut texture gives the final prints a very rustic look. Cedar is also one of the most sustainable trees used for lumber.

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