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Design Your Own Sign!

Out of all the various coastal themed artwork I create for customers my custom products are always the most popular. I came up with the idea for customizable wood signs as a way for my customers to create their own personal piece of artwork right here on the website! By creating an interactive experience, they […]

Behind The Scenes – Reclaimed Lobster Trap Art

One of the many questions I get time and time again is where I got the idea to print my art on old lobster trap wood. It was the search for a durable yet sustainable product to add to my collection. I love that it is a green product and that I can give the […]


Here we are! The end of year. 2020 has been… interesting to say the least. I’ve had a lot of free time to think lately… I know we all have! I think about ways to make my products and experience better…. Ways to make myself better… Ways to make life better. With that time I’ve […]

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