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Florida Keys Lobster Mini-Season

It’s that time of year again, and mini-season is rapidly approaching! The Lobster Mini Season occurs on the last consecutive Wednesday and Thursday in July each year. Divers and boaters alike will be flocking to the ever-blue waters of the Florida Keys, looking to limit out on spiny lobster tails. For us, it’s always been the thrill of the hunt and time spent with like-minded friends.

So where will you be for Mini Season this year?! If the answer is the Florida Keys, then make sure to come to visit our pop-up storefront located at mile marker 74.5 along Overseas Highway in Lower Matecumbe. Monday, July 24th through Friday, July 28th, look for the large Lobster sign that reads “LOBSTER TRAP ART” by “Eddie Forbes Art”.

We are fully stocked on our rustic, one-of-a-kind lobster trap art. What makes it so special? For starters, Eddie Forbes Art may be the only art company we know who is printing his coastal art themes directly onto the lobster trap wood. Every wood slat tells a different story of its years submerged, taking up many a lobster.

We stock up on raw lobster trap wood from local Florida Keys fishermen every year. These Lobster traps are comprised of wood slats that occasionally need replacing. The wood that is worn down from years of trapping is removed and replaced with new wood…. and the old worn wood is perfect for our trap art!

Once our trailer is loaded with old lobster trap wood, we return to our shop in Fort Lauderdale where the traps are cleaned up, refurbished, assembled, and made ready to print. Staples are removed and a coat of primer is applied. Once the primer has dried, it is ready to print.

The image is then printed directly onto the lobster trap wood. The inks are UV cured onto the wood during printing. This printing process, combined with the already weather-worn wood of the lobster traps, makes for an amazing rustic piece of art that will withstand the elements and the test of time!

Each piece of upcycled lobster trap art sold is money put back into the local Keys community. What better way to commemorate your 2023 Lobster Mini Season?! See you there!

Lobster Trap Art is a fantastic gift for friends and family, customized to fit your needs. When you hold them in your hands and look closely at them the quality of each piece is easy to see.

If you are interested in our reclaimed lobster trap wood art feel free to browse our online collection, call us at 1-877-336-0303, or visit our contact page.

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