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KDW Shootout

Big Dog Fat Cat KDW Shootout 2023

Another year and another successful Big Dog Fat Cat KDW Shootout! The 2023 was quite the fishing tournament, with over 200 boats registered and competing in different categories, including Biggest fish, most fish caught, largest Wahoo, etc. This year included one of the largest Wahoo I have ever seen in my life, weighing in at […]

pompano beach saltwater circuit

Pompano Beach Saltwater Circuit 2023

Did you know that Eddie Forbes Art is the featured trophy artist for the Pompano Beach Saltwater Circuit? After years of focusing on the wholesale side of the business, I decided it was time to return to some things that I love. It was time to get more involved with the local fishing chapters and […]

Coastal Bars

Custom Bars and Coastal Bar Stools

Our path towards making unique, custom, coastal furniture started a few years back when I wanted a bar for my home that I could also use when traveling to trade shows and events. I only had a little space available at the house and no shortage of tequila and rum bottles to store. After a […]

Marathon Premier Sailfish Tournament

I love coming down to Marathon, especially for fun events like the Seafood Festival. Marathon is a lovely place in the Florida Keys with wonderful people. I recently heard about the Marathon Premier Sailfish Tournament non-profit organization. As I learned about their cause, I was intrigued. They started a much-needed Sailfish tournament in Marathon with […]

Eddie Forbes

2022 Marathon Seafood Festival

As the South Florida show season draws to an end, it brings a sense of relief from the hustle and bustle of activity and a deep sense of gratitude for all the great people who come to each show, supporting our efforts year after year. The pandemic had halted these shows and festivals for two […]

Design Your Own Sign!

Out of all the various coastal themed artwork I create for customers my custom products are always the most popular. I came up with the idea for customizable wood signs as a way for my customers to create their own personal piece of artwork right here on the website! By creating an interactive experience, they […]

Behind The Scenes – Reclaimed Lobster Trap Art

One of the many questions I get time and time again is where I got the idea to print my art on old lobster trap wood. It was the search for a durable yet sustainable product to add to my collection. I love that it is a green product and that I can give the […]

Show Us Your Wood… ART!

Here we are! The end of year. 2020 has been… interesting to say the least. I’ve had a lot of free time to think lately… I know we all have! I think about ways to make my products and experience better…. Ways to make myself better… Ways to make life better. With that time I’ve […]

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