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Eddie Forbes

2022 Marathon Seafood Festival

As the South Florida show season draws to an end, it brings a sense of relief from the hustle and bustle of activity and a deep sense of gratitude for all the great people who come to each show, supporting our efforts year after year. The pandemic had halted these shows and festivals for two years, so it was wonderful to see all of the familiar faces again.

I attend many seafood festivals throughout the early months of the year, but one of my absolute favorites is the Marathon Seafood Festival. It is two days of live music, great vendors, food, and smiles all around.

There is magic in the Florida Keys, and when you mix good people with fresh air and a beautiful sunny day, everything feels alright.

Of course, I also love the space to be able to sell my products, one on one, face to face with people who share the same passions as I do. It also means a lot when fans stop by the booth and tell me they already own two, three, or even four of my pieces. I LOVE THAT! Being able to mix it up again and be around great people was extra special this year.

Mahi Bottle Opener
Hogfish Bottle Opener

We had so many exciting product releases at the beginning of the year, including our new bottle openers and surfboard designs. The Marathon Seafood Festival was a great way to get real-time reactions to these new products. I am thrilled to report they have been a hit!

We also started to do live raffles at the shows, which is fun. We will now hold raffles for at least one of my pieces to go to a lucky winner at most of our events.

We plan on releasing more designs throughout the year and on our website so keep an eye on what’s coming up next!


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