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KDW Shootout

Big Dog Fat Cat KDW Shootout 2023

Another year and another successful Big Dog Fat Cat KDW Shootout! The 2023 was quite the fishing tournament, with over 200 boats registered and competing in different categories, including Biggest fish, most fish caught, largest Wahoo, etc. This year included one of the largest Wahoo I have ever seen in my life, weighing in at 88.5 lbs! Caught by team Miss Michelle Fishing.


The Big Dog Fat Cat KDW Shootout is a great opportunity to meet fellow anglers and like-minded enthusiasts of the sport. But what is greater than that is the cause at the center of the tournament. 

The heart and soul of this event is focused on providing an opportunity to raise money for the 2nd Chance Puppies & Kittens Rescue and/or adopt a pet that needs a home. Like years passed, this year was successful in doing just that… with funds raised and multiple dogs and cats finding homes!


Eddie Forbes Art participated in the live auction again this year and stepped it up a notch with the items we donated. Hoping to increase the amount of money brought in through the auction, we built a custom one-off console table wrapped in a lobster trap frame. 

We also provided two large-format prints. One being Eddie Forbes Limited Edition “Blue Water Sail” signed and numbered. The second being a customized Mahi Print.

Our involvement this year was a big step towards giving back to the charities and causes we care about most. Looking forward to next year!

If you wish to browse our coastal art you can  shop online, call us at 1-877-336-0303, or visit our contact page.

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