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nautical chart art

Custom Coastal Decor Featuring Nautical Chart Art

Nautical Chart art is a popular work style in our catalog at Eddie Forbes Art. Customers often ask me about my process for laying out new artwork on our nautical chart pieces.

ST Pete
This Triptych (three piece) features a chart and bridge in St. Pete.

Once I finish a new painting, I take a high-resolution scan of the artwork. From there, I cut out the elements of the painting that would look good with a nautical chart in the background.

Once cut out, I work on laying out the new design and seeing which style chart (new or old) goes best with that design. This process has evolved over the years to include various color chart backgrounds, from blues to coastal whites and rustic browns.

Adding custom charts in the background of my art was a way to make each piece personal to my customers. Everyone can connect with this style of piece uniquely. Some like to point out where they live, vacation, catch their biggest fish, or a favorite dive location. We offer a variety of backgrounds on the website, but if you need a custom location, put it in your order notes!

Show off where you caught your biggest hogfish!

I’ve created charts for places all over the world. These places include Florida, Bermuda, Bahamas, Texas, California, Hawaii, and more. We have even zoomed in on specific surrounding areas of people’s homes upon request.

Nautical charts are great conversation pieces, especially when paired with the right marine life image or coastal scene that speaks to you personally. Typically we use historical charts from the early to mid 1900s as they tend to be more rustic and add a certain classic feel to the artwork.

Depending on the imagery, we may sometimes use more recent and updated charts to capture a customer’s specific location needs.

Chart art is some of my more popular products. The more personal the imagery, the more likely it falls into someone’s “need to have” category.

Chart art is a fantastic holiday gift for friends and family, especially when personalized. Each piece is very impressive in person; you can feel the quality of our products when you hold them in your hands and see them up close. My Chart art is available on various materials, such as wood, canvas, and reclaimed lobster traps.

If you are interested in our nautical chart related artwork feel free to browse our online collection, call us at 1-877-336-0303, or visit our contact page.

This rustic sign chart is printed on rough cut cedar boards and features the North Carolina Coast with custom signs pointing to nearby locations. This kind of customization makes a fantastic holiday gift.
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