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Behind The Scenes – Reclaimed Lobster Trap Art

One of the many questions I get time and time again is where I got the idea to print my art on old lobster trap wood. It was the search for a durable yet sustainable product to add to my collection. I love that it is a green product and that I can give the older wood some new life in the form of beautiful wall art.

Reclaimed Lobster Trap Wood
Lobster Trap wood that I reclaimed from fisherman in the Keys.

Truth be told, our reclaimed lobster trap prints are one of our best selling and unique products. The lobster trap prints are the most rustic pieces we offer and make for the perfect outdoor safe decor. 

Although, I have many customers who choose to hang theirs indoors and that’s great too! Our lobster trap is sourced from the local lobster fishermen out of the Florida Keys. After a full season of hauling in tons of spiny lobsters from the ocean floor, the traps are pulled up on the fishing boats and brought back to the yard. 

Once back on land, they are inspected and prepped for the next season. The worn pieces of wood deemed to have too much wear and tear to withhold another season are pulled off the lobster traps and upcycled to the finished products like the Lobster Dive Flag, Calico Bay, and Starfish.

The worn wood slats are then cut to size and primed for printing. The boards are left untouched and inks are applied directly to the surface of the wood, giving them their rustic look and feel.

I had the idea of creating something with a local Florida touch and I would always see the lobster traps for sale on the side of the road during my monthly trips to the keys. I figured why not give it a try printing on something that could also give back to the community and help bring extra revenue to the lobster fishermen. 

Before I started purchasing and turning the older lobster trap wood into my art, it was common practice for the lobster yards to pay someone to haul off the worn scraps or in most cases, burn the excess wood.

I also use reclaimed lobster traps for many other various projects like our custom made bar tops and frames… But more on that another time!

Florida Keys Lobster Trap Yard
Taylor helping me collect wood in the Lobster Trap Yards
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